Available Online:

5 poems – Surreal/absurd sampler – Mercurius Mag, April 2022

Doomscrolling and Meatspace in Anthropocene, April 2022

Night Feed with Summer Solstice in Atrium Poetry, June 2021

Three Poems in Babel Tower Notice Board, June 2021

Ian in the Student House in Ink, Sweat and Tears, June 2021 

Hansel in Bedtime Stories for the End of the World, S3E2 w/ Joe Dunthorne.

from In all my books my father dies in HOURS Writers Poetry Shots (via Soundcloud)

Dogs and Jesus in the Networked Battlespace in The Scores issue 9, Winter 2021

Grandmother in Atrium Poetry, March 2021

Desire | Leisure Centre in The Interpreter’s House #75

Roomful of inappropriate showers (collaboration with Vik Shirley) in Erotoplasty issue 7(2)

Arrival and Fingernails in Good Dadhood

Birth in The Interpreter’s House #71

An Episode of Dysphasia in a Balinese Restaurant, On Honeymoon and Dying Falls for Three Possible Fathers in Lune – The Journal of Literary Misrule 02: Dislocation

Fourth Wall in Black Bough Poetry – Summer 2019

In print – a selection:

Poetry Wales – Issue 57.3, Spring 2022

Raceme – Issue 12, Autumn/Winter 2021

Finished Creatures – Issue 5; Surface, July 2021

Spelt – Issue 01, Spring 2021

Shearsman Magazine – Issue 125/126 – Winter 2020/21

Lighthouse – Issue 21, Autumn 2020

Everything That Can Happen – Poems about the Future from The Emma Press

DUST – Pocket Poetry Collection 01 from Eyeflash Poetry

Voices Along the Road – Anthology for Safe Passage & the Alf Dubs fund

Tangerine Magazine – Issue 6, Autumn 2018

Under the Radar – Issue 23, Spring 2019 and Issue 27, Summer 2021

Envoi – Issue 180

Shearsman Magazine – Issue 119&120

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