Available Online:

from In all my books my father dies – HOURS Writers Poetry Shots (via Soundcloud)

Dogs and Jesus in the Networked Battlespace in The Scores issue 9

Grandmother in Atrium Poetry – March 2021

Desire | Leisure Centre in The Interpreter’s House #75

Roomful of inappropriate showers (collaboration with Vik Shirley) in Erotoplasty issue 7(2)

Arrival and Fingernails at Good Dadhood

Birth in The Interpreter’s House #71

An Episode of Dysphasia in a Balinese Restaurant, On Honeymoon and Dying Falls for Three Possible Fathers in Lune – The Journal of Literary Misrule 02: Dislocation

Fourth Wall in Black Bough Poetry – Summer 2019

In print – a selection:

Lighthouse – Issue 21, Autumn 2020

Everything That Can Happen – Poems about the Future from The Emma Press

DUST – Pocket Poetry Collection 01 from Eyeflash Poetry

Voices Along the Road – Anthology for Safe Passage & the Alf Dubs fund

Tangerine Magazine – Issue 6, Autumn 2018

Under the Radar – Issue 23, Spring 2019

Envoi – Issue 180

Shearsman Magazine – Issue 119&120

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